Monday, October 25, 2010

155 - Still........

Today the journal and activity log begin again.  I took your advice, Lisa, and tried to eat accordingly.  I think I did pretty well, I may have even dropped a pound before we left or while we were gone.  But, sadly, we headed home about a day sooner than expected due to poor weather forecasts.  I ended up being home with chocolate muffins (Rob made) and chocolate brownies (Rob also made) a day sooner than expected, and, I think I was having a bit of a pity party for myself.  I thought the whole experience was incredible.  Camping was great, the weather was gorgeous, the bikes ran perfectly, the colors were spectacular.  It was our traveling companion, however, that thought it necessary to return home, and since I was home yesterday without the plan I originally had in mind, though I walked the dog and stayed very active, I think I also hit the chocolate too much.  Henceforth, today is a new day, and I have no more unexpected incredible get aways in the forseeable future, so I am back on track to stay.  I think the only time I overdid while we were gone was on the way home.   We stopped at Ruby Tuesday, and I ordered grilled trout with asparagus, but I found the free biscuits overwhelming and I had a glass of wine.  Mind you, I don't abstain from alchohol for any real reason other than the calories, but it was the first/only glass I had had for quite awhile, and I don't think it helped to have one, and the yummy fresh biscuits that went with. 

So this morning, it was back to boot camp, and now its back to journaling, which could be a forever thing, if that's what helps keep me in line.

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