Monday, October 11, 2010

Resisting the urge....

This weekend I had to buy a bag of Teddy Grahms for a student, and today I portioned out the amount he had requested for his reward.  Right now I want to eat the rest of the bag.  I did have a few, but am battling the fact that I have no students in my room, and I am seated at my desk working.  This is a hard time for me to resist!

1 comment:

  1. Beating that mental battle is tough. Of course you asked yourself if you were hungry. And the answer might have been, Does it really matter? It's sugar and I need a hit!

    Understand there is Dopamine released at that time, creating the desire to eat them, based on previous experience. How's that for textbook?

    Reality is after 3-4 weeks of breaking the habit, dopamine decreases, desire alters, and you can create a replacement habit. In the meantime, try chewing a piece of gum as a first step.