Monday, June 6, 2011

Here I go again...

Well, rats.  I just CANNOT get so busy that I don't get around to blogging, because then I either go backwards with weight loss efforts or stall out.  And of course that is what happened.

May is a horrible month for teachers, but now its over.  My 25th anniversary is next week, and I look so gross, I could cry for a long time.  None of my summer shorts fit correctly...and whose fault is it?  Mine of course.  So here I go with try 9,463.

I had seen a WebMD exercise/food logger and decided to give it a whirl.  I'm sure it works well for some folks, but I found it a bit frustrating.  So even though I'm sure its not as very, very accurate, I'm going back to the Weight Watchers system of logging.  I really like to get an idea of how many points go into something I am eating, then, I just log the points separately.  It seems easier to me - maybe its just what I'm used to.

June 14th - here I come.  And while miracles cannot happen between now and then, maybe I can make it so that my thighs are not *quite* as thunderous....

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