Monday, November 29, 2010


Yippeee!  Two pounds DURING Thanksgiving week!  Go me!! :)

Trying to eat sensibly and drink lots and resist the pumpkin cheesecake that is still in the fridge is all nice.  But the real reward was this:  I bought new jeans!  My "happy" size is an 8.   I have some clothes that are a 6, and that's fine, but sometimes when I'm so thin that everything is a six I think my face starts to look sunken in, so I shoot for an 8 and try to maintain that size.  When school started this fall and I could still sqeeze into the 8's, but they didn't look good AND they were worn out, I instructed Anna to go to Penney's (where she was shopping anyway) and pick up a pair of my favorite a 10.  They were too big to start with, but by this past week they were SO big that they were uncomfortable and looked yucky.  So, I grabbed Sarah on Friday and ran to Penney's, to discover many pair of jeans in size 8 that looked just dandy.  And I bought a pair.  So, one more goal has been made!!  Now its on to some of my skinnier clothes that still don't fit, or fit right....

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