Monday, November 1, 2010

156 :(

This morning, I paid the price for two parties in two nights, not exercising as much self-control as I should have, Halloween candy, and not exercising for two of the days last week.  I am sad about regaining a pound after weeks of hard work.  Now, I pick myself up, brush  myself off, and go to boot camp, which is exactly what I did this morning.  Rats.  November HAS TO BE BETTER, because we have the Thanksgiving challenge, then right into the Holiday season.


  1. Weigh yourself again in a few days (if you don't already daily weigh in). If you ate salt heavy food, including candy, it can throw the number higher temporarily.

    Great that you made it to boot camp. This week, try to focus on one new thing only. Since your meals are pretty solid, maybe replacing the sweet snacks with fruit, or adding two more days of exercise.

    You name the one change that you'll commit to this week.

  2. Well, since I already normally exercise every day, and missed two days last week because either myself or someone else was sick, that means that I am going to try to cut sweets this week. (GASP!!) Of course I am reading this AFTER my usual afternoon sugar surge of one Dove dark and a 100 calorie packof sweets. This better be that important to me, because committing to try to eliminate sweets is a huge, huge deal. Perhaps it is me who will need to be committed, as in institutionalized.....

    Here goes!

  3. Oh, and gum is out at school. I do have my lemon water to drink...any other things I can try besides gum, if I don't have access to fruit?

  4. Lots of options to try. Some are whole grain, which will fill you up faster, while others are sugar free alternatives. I personally don't like sugar substitutes (funny after-taste), but many people transition from sugar to sugar substitute for calorie control. Make portion control bags to take with you (leave a few in the car if necessary)

    Here's a list:
    Kashi Almond Flax clusters cereal
    Frosted mini Wheats
    Orville Redenbacher Smart pop kettle corn
    Quacker carmel rice cakes
    sugar free jelly beans
    sugar free hard candies
    mandarin orange cup
    tea w/ sweetener
    maraschino cherries (10 cal. each)
    frozen fruit bars or frozen yogurt

    If you feel defeated this week, just start by reducing the number of sweet snacks per day, and replacing with healthy choices.

    I know this is hard work right now, but your body and mind will adjust to the newer versions of sweets in a few weeks. Meanwhile, you'll be reducing calories.

    A general rule of thumb is to reduce calories by about 250 per day, and increase calorie burn by 250 for a reduction of 500 calories per day. (This isn't the only way, but the most commonly recommended approach for losing 1.5 pounds per week.)

    I have a client who speed reduced to drop 8 pounds while doubling her aerobic activity. Needless to say, she can't keep it off now since her body went into starvation mode, and now holds on to everything she puts in her mouth. Smarter plan would have been changing life habits. We're working on patience right now!

    Hang in there. Awareness is the first step before you can make changes.

    Peace, Lisa