Monday, November 8, 2010

154! : ]

Well, after a week of lots of exercise and few sweets, I did lose two pounds.  It seems like it should be more, but.... a loss is a loss, and that's good.  Other highlights from the week:

Last night was a sports banquet for Sarah.  I think I ate with good self-control, and watched portion sizes.

Today was a test day at boot camp.  I had no idea how my mile would time, and I did a 10:50.  I had told myself I'd be happy with anything 13 or less, so I was pretty excited.

All kinds of fruits are being devoured at my house, including freeze dried (I found them a few places) and fresh apples.  And they're being devoured by everyone, reminding me of the example that I'm setting. 

Lisa, I'm glad you had a busy, productive week last week.  Don't worry about rushing to get to my Q's.  I totally understand!!

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